Over 11 million people are living in Lahore. In the northern area you can find the old part of the city. The heart, the cultural heart of Lahore, the city within a city - the so called Walled City. It's ridicously hot, although you can not even see the sun in the narrow, crowded, dark and dusty streets. My shirt is sticking on my skin and it feels like I'm breathing water caused by humidity. After learning how to breath and move in this oppressive atmosphere you start to see and feel the streets. You start to see its wonderful and curious people.

The streets are filled with traders in their shops, hawkers on the street, children playing cricket, shoe shiners, barbers, chai wallahs selling their tea and day labourers looking for work. The multifaceted vitality of Pakistan is played out here in these very alleys. Life can be felt around every corner.

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